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Is ‘Class Arbitration’ an Oxymoron?

Arbitration“Class arbitration” — the utilization of a class action mechanism in an arbitration proceeding — is considered by some to be the unicorn of ADR; desirable but elusive, writes .

“Another view is that it is the Frankenstein’s monster of ADR – an anomalous hybrid of disparate parts that comprise a disconcerting and ultimately nonviable creation,” he writes. “And so let us ask, is ‘class arbitration’ an oxymoron? Should it be viable given the essential nature of arbitration?  And whither the emperor’s jurisprudential clothes?”

The Mintz Levin post is one in a series of posts concerning the concept, its theoretical roots, the current state of the law, implementation of the mechanism, the significance and effects of a class arbitration award, etc.

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