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Four Significant, But Often Overlooked, Provisions in Domestic Commercial Contracts

By on November 11, 2016 in Arbitration & Mediation, Commercial, Contracts

Terms conditions contractsWhen parties enter into a domestic commercial contract, they may not think critically enough about what will happen if the relationship goes south and how the contract provisions that they chose to include—or did not choose to include or accepted without negotiation—will affect how and where they resolve a dispute and shape the remedies to which they may be entitled, according to an article on the website of K&L Gates.

“Contractual provisions that parties choose to include in their agreement depend on a number of factors including, among others, the identity of and relationship between the parties and the size and nature of the transaction,” write Lauren Garraux, Jacquelyn S. Celender.

In their article, they identify and discuss four types of provisions commonly included in commercial contracts that can have significant ramifications for contracting parties if a dispute between them arises.

Those types include alternative dispute resolution provisions, choice of forum and law provisions and jury trial waivers, damages clauses, and insurance provisions.

Read the K&L Gates article.