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Security of Information After You Install Software or Hardware

CybersecurityChad King of King & Fisher in Dallas offers some timely advice on how companies can protect their information systems in an environment in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay ahead of cyber intruders.

He begins by recounting the story of how anti-virus and security company Kaspersky Lab was alleged to have been cooperating with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), the name of the Russian counterintelligence agency and successor of the KGB, since 2009. The U.S. federal government mandated that all software made by Kaspersky Labs be removed from government computer systems. Retailers such as Best Buy are also taking steps to remove Kaspersky Labs products from their retail offerings.

“Although it’s unlikely we will ever have a definitive answer about whether Kaspersky Labs is gathering data for the Russian FSB, this incident highlights a growing concern that foreign governments might be collaborating with software and hardware companies to spy on other governments, corporate enterprises, and consumers. How can companies protect themselves in this environment?

His article offers five points to consider to deal with the threat.


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