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Federal Contractors’ Guide to SBA Set-Aside Contracts, Size Standards, Size Protests, and Affiliation

By on April 13, 2018 in Administrative Law, Contracts, Government

Fox Rothschild LLP has posted its Federal Contractors’ Guide to Small Business Administration Set-Aside Contracts, Size Standards, Size Protests, and Affiliation.

The federal government sets aside a significant portion of its procurement dollars each year for purchasing goods and services from small businesses. Small business set-aside procurements and small business contract awards (“Set-Aside Procurements” and “Set-Aside Contracts,” respectively) provide substantial opportunities for a certified small business concern (SBC) to compete for and perform federal contract work. However, SBCs awarded Set-Aside Contracts are frequently subjected to size protests filed with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) by disappointed competitors looking to challenge the awardee’s size, and if successful, to disqualify the awardee from the procurement.

The Fox Rothschild LLP Guide advises federal contractors on the following issues and concepts:

●SBA Set-Aside Procurements, Set-Aside Contracts, and Size Standards;
●The parameters and purposes for SBA size protests, how they are filed, and how contractors can avoid and defend against such protests; and
●The parameters of SBA affiliation, which contractors can use to challenge Large Businesses masquerading as small business concerns, and, as importantly, must understand to protect themselves from being adversely affected by a finding of affiliation at the hands of a size protest.

Download the guide.




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