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How Do Additional Insured Obligations Work with Subcontract Flow-Down Clauses?

By on April 14, 2017 in Construction, Contracts, Insurance

In his Commonsense Construction Law blog, Stan Martin asks the question “How do additional insured obligations work with subcontract flow-down clauses.” And he answers it with one word: “They don’t.”

“Unless the subcontract is carefully drafted, that is. So where the prime contract required the owner to be named as an additional insured, and the subcontract flow-down clause passed along the GC’s obligations to the owner, as the sub’s obligations to the GC, this did not by itself result in a requirement that the sub name the owner as an additional insured. That is one lesson from a New York court decision,” Martin explains.

He discusses Navigators Ins. Co. v Merchants Mut. Ins. Co. at length and concludes with two lessons to be learned.

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