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Decision Chips Away at the Enforceability of Teaming Agreements

By on August 17, 2018 in Commercial, Contracts, Government

A recent decision from the Virginia Supreme Court further weakens the enforceability of teaming agreements, which may mean trouble for prospective subcontractors, according to an alert from Baker & Hostetler.

The post explains:

“In light of CGI Federal, contractors should assess whether they can reasonably rely on the terms and conditions of their teaming agreements to provide meaningful assurances regarding the negotiation of a prospective subcontract without binding themselves to more definite terms prior to any prime award, at least under Virginia law. Accordingly, unless contractors wish to consider the law of other forums when negotiating their teaming agreements, they must pay close attention to the specific terms and conditions of their contracts when evaluating what is and is not enforceable and govern their pre-award conduct accordingly.”

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