Company Lawyers Automate Contracts to Ease Pain of Quote-to-Cash

A recent presentation at Apttus Accelerate conference in San Francisco discussed how to take control of a company’s quote-to-cash process.

Diginomica reports that some company lawyers explained how they automate contracts to remove manual, paper-based logjams from the process.

Michelle Swan talked with two companies that have recently invested in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) — software that automates the process of managing a contract from initiation through execution, compliance and renewal. People from their legal teams told her about the benefits they are seeing from taking control of these defining moments.

Those companies were: Cadence, a company that sells software and hardware that other companies use to design everything from robotics and mobile phones to jets and medical devices, and Silicon Labs, a semiconductor company that makes the silicon, sensors and other software used in various devices.

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