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No Law Prohibits a Sudden NFL Retirement

By on September 20, 2018 in Contracts, Employment

Following the abrupt halftime retirement of Buffalo Bills defensive back Vontae Davis, his former agent has confirmed that the decision voids nearly all the guarantees in Davis’ contract. He will only be paid for two games because he was signed in the offseason and his contract only guaranteed the full amount if he played all 16 games.

But Dallas labor and employment attorney Rogge Dunn of Rogge Dunn Group, PC, says that the NFL veteran legally had the freedom to make the move.

“The law does not require a professional athlete or executive to continue working despite an employment contract,” says Dunn. “Surprising as it seems, an NFL football player, a CEO or a partner in a partnership can generally walk off the job at any time. It’s another example of one of the few big hammers that professional athletes have. As we’ve seen many times, players skip organized team activities or hold out during camp – even when they are under contract and facing the financial consequences.”




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