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Assault Allegations Highlight Home Service Call Vulnerabilities, Plaintiff’s Attorney Says

A lawsuit has been filed against cable company Charter Communications and its third-party cable installation partner DCOMM after the alleged sexual assault of a 72-year-old Dallas woman during a cable installation visit, according to a post on the website of Androvett Legal Media & Marketing.

The woman, who is not named in the filing in order to protect her privacy, was sexually assaulted by the technician sent to set up television, internet and telephone service, according to her family’s attorney, Michael Lyons of the trial firm Deans & Lyons, LLP. The technician, Moises Cabrera, is facing criminal charges of aggravated sexual assault.

“Calling the cable person to come to your house — that’s not something you ordinarily associate with the threat of criminal danger,” Lyons told Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA.

There is a false sense of safety because these workers are viewed as representatives of a company that is trusted to properly screen, train and supervise its employees.

“But in reality, you don’t know who you are allowing into your home,” he said. “Consumers need to recognize that most of these workers are contractors who may not always be properly vetted, well-trained or supervised. That can result in dangerous consequences, especially for vulnerable customers who are home alone. Service companies need to be held accountable for the people they hire to go into residents’ homes.”