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11th Circuit Holds Arbitrators Have Venue-Setting Authority in International Arbitrations

Alston & Bird asks and answers the question: In an international arbitration, when an arbitration provision is ambiguous about the seat of the arbitration, who resolves the question?

ArbitrationAuthors Andy Tuck and Lee Deneen discuss Bamberger Rosenheim Ltd. v. OA Development Inc., in which the Eleventh Circuit held that interpretation of a venue provision is the arbitrator’s prerogative.

They write:

The federal circuits are split on whether the FAA serves as a proper basis for vacatur of an international arbitration award. In this case, the panel saw “no reason to analyze [Bamberger’s] arguments under the New York Convention or [the FAA] separately,” since Bamberger’s argument was the same for both bases for vacatur. The court stated in a footnote that it “assume[d], without deciding, that [the FAA] applies to the award in the present case.”

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