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Employees Who Sell: Understanding the FLSA’s Exemptions for Sales Employees

Practical Law and the Wage & Hour Defense Institute will present a free 75-minute webinar providing guidance on minimum wage and overtime pay exemptions applicable to sales employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The event will be Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

Speakers Paul Bittner of Ice Miller LLP (Columbus, OH) and Lawrence Peikes of Wiggin and Dana LLP (Stamford, CT), both members of the Wage & Hour Defense Institute, will discuss the sales exemptions, how to properly classify and compensate employees with sales duties, and the impact of improper classification, including:

  • Understanding key elements of the exemptions.
  • Defining “outside” sales.
  • Distinguishing sales and sales-related activities.
  • Defining a “retail or service establishment.”
  • Structuring compensation.
  • Identifying compensation “representing commissions.”
  • Revisiting pharmaceutical sales and auto service advisors.
  • Dealing with misclassified employees.
  • Complying with differing state law.

A short Q&A will follow.
Paul Bittner, Partner, Ice Miller LLP (Columbus, OH)
Lawrence Peikes, Partner, Wiggin and Dana LLP (Stamford, CT)

Suzanne K. Brown, Senior Legal Editor, Practical Law Labor & Employment

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