Hanzo Launches AI-Powered Solution to Automate Social Media Investigations for Ediscovery

Hanzo announced the launch of Hanzo Investigator for eDiscovery, which the developer says can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the identification of social media profiles during ediscovery investigations.

In a release, the company says Hanzo Investigator for eDiscovery takes what is typically a slow and manual pursuit, and automates it—standardizing the investigation process so that it’s efficient, consistent, and defensible.

Hanzo says the new product deals with social media investigations in the following ways:

  • Automation removes human error and outperforms manual approaches to investigation.
  • Quickly identifies an individual’s social media and shows a timeline of the person’s posting activity across sites.
  • Highlights relevant content within posts, comments, photos and videos.
  • Legally defensible collections of social media can be loaded into platforms such as Relativity, providing the ability to browse preserved sites in native format.
  • Ongoing monitoring of individuals’ activity and recapturing sites over time.