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Florida Court Grants Emergency Suspension of Lawyer for Social Media ‘Attack of Massive and Continuous Proportions’

By on March 1, 2019 in Administrative Law

The ABA Journal reports that the Florida Bar has obtained the emergency suspension of a lawyer who attacked opposing counsel on social media, leading one of the targeted lawyers to obtain an injunction against stalking and the other to file a libel suit.

In its petition to the Florida Supreme Court, the Bar claimed Ashley Ann Krapacs “has launched an attack of massive and continuous proportions” on social media, the Florida Bar said in its emergency petition.

The petition alleges that Krapacs “began a social media blitz” on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube after she moved to Florida from Texas and filed a petition for a domestic violence injunction against a former boyfriend.

She called an opposing lawyer  “a moron and a sexist and a bully” and said another lawyer was “a backstabbing traitor” for representing “misogynist pigs, misogynist bullies.”

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