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Female GCs’ Pay Disparity: 78% Compared to Male Counterparts

A new study from BarkerGilmore confirms that female lawyers are still paid less compared to their male counterparts — and the disparity is greater for GCs.

The Global Legal Post reports on the study: “On average, female in-house counsel earn 84 per cent of what male in-house counsel earn. The gap is much larger at the general counsel level, with a 78 per cent disparity, than at managing counsel or senior counsel levels, which show 90 per cent and 89 per cent disparities respectively.”

Above the Law takes a look at overall compensation for general counsel of both genders: “As one might expect, general counsel have the largest variation — with total compensation ranging from $350K to around $900K based on company revenue. Managing counsel, those with at least one direct report who aren’t the GC, are much more consistent across companies, with comp averaging from just under $300K to around $350K.”

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