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Family of Slain Lawyer Think They’ve Identified Murderer. So Why Can’t the Cops Solve the Case?

By on May 24, 2017 in Criminal Law

Soon after prominent Dallas lawyer Ira Tobolowsky died in a fire in his garage, investigators asked his family if he had any enemies. They responded that they could make a long list of people Ira had defeated or angered at one time or another. But among them, one stood out.

D Magazine covers the family’s own inquiries that focused on a former legal foe. Steven Aubrey is the son of one of Tobolowsky’s clients. The client was involved in an inheritance battle with her son, whom she believed had come unhinged, writes Jamie Thompson.

During a contentious legal fight, Aubrey accused Tobolowsky of bribery, witness tampering, and a host of other crimes and at one time compared him to an “ISIS butcher.” The lawyer filed a defamation suit against Aubrey.

“The Tobolowsky family worries whether the Dallas police have the resources to find Ira’s killer. They’ve pinned their hopes on private investigators. Late last year, they learned Aubrey and [his domestic partner] had moved to Florida. The men live in a bungalow surrounded by palm trees,” according to the magazine.

Read the D Magazine article.


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