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Ethics Expert on Trump Lawyer’s Steakhouse Disclosures: He Blew It

By on September 20, 2017 in Government

“Incompetent,” “unethical” and “bizarre” were some of the words lawyers and ethics experts used to characterize a loud, public conversation Trump lawyer Ty Cobb had in a restaurant about the Russia investigation.

Bloomberg Law reported that when Cobb joined President Trump’s legal team in July, he was “intended to be traffic cop, enforcer of discipline” on the case. Then on Sunday a New York Times reporter revealed “he had overheard Cobb and Trump attorney John Dowd ‘casually and loudly’ discussing the investigation and Cobb’s dispute with White House counsel Don McGahn while eating at a popular Washington, D.C. steakhouse. ”

Bloomberg interviewed several ethics experts, one who said, “the failure to take precautions to protect client confidences violates lawyer ethics rules and can lead to discipline.”

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