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Energy Company’s Bankruptcy Generating Enron-Sized Legal Fees

By on March 31, 2018 in Bankruptcy, Commercial, Energy, Oil & Gas

Banking - investing - money - advisorsHundreds of lawyers and financial consultants involved in the $42 billion corporate restructuring of Energy Future Holdings, once the largest power supplier in Texas, have been paid a gusher of cash, and more huge paydays may be in the works, reports The Houston Chronicle.

Mark Curriden of The Texas Lawbook writes that the law firms, banks and consultants working on the EFH case have received more than $600 million, making it one of the most complex and expensive corporate bankruptcies in U.S. history. For comparison, similar fees in the Enron bankruptcy topped $700 million.

“The total fees for all the professionals – for the lawyers, bankers, accountants, restructuring experts for all the companies involved – will probably hit $1 billion,” EFH General Counsel Andy Wright told The Texas Lawbook in an exclusive interview.

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