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Doctor Guilty of Felony for Botched Surgery; Prosecutors Said His Hands Were Deadly Weapons

Christopher DuntschA day after a Dallas jury found a neurosurgeon guilty of intentionally crippling an elderly woman he operated on, a string of his former patients and co-workers testified in his sentencing trial, reports The Dallas Morning News.

Christopher Duntsch of Colorado has been in jail since his arrest in July 2015, charged with five aggravated assault charges after four of his patients were maimed and two died between July 2012 and June 2013, reports Claire Ballor.

“His trial focused only on a first-degree felony charge: injury to an elderly person. Mary Efurd was 74 years old in 2012 when Duntsch promised to fix her back pain but instead damaged her spinal cord and amputated part of a nerve,” writes Ballor.

Read the Dallas News article.


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