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Disney Takes Insurer AIG to Court Over ‘Pink Slime’ Defamation Settlement

By on October 18, 2017 in Commercial, Insurance, Litigation-Business

The Walt Disney Company is going to battle with its insurer, AIG, as it seeks coverage for a massive settlement in the “pink slime” defamation case, Variety is reporting.

Disney is trying to force AIG to submit to arbitration on the coverage dispute. While the underlying litigation is not identified, the dates line up with Disney’s court battle with Beef Products Inc. in South Dakota, according to reporter Gene Maddaus.

BPI sued Disney, alleging that ABC News had damaged its business with a series of reports on “pink slime.” Disney settled the case partway through trial in June.

“In August, Disney disclosed that it had incurred legal costs of $177 million, the bulk of which was believed to be due to the BPI settlement,” Maddaus writes. “The total settlement was believed to be significantly larger, once insurance claims were factored in.”

Read the Variety article.


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