Get the In-House Processing & Review How Tos

Zapproved has published a guide that discusses five ways to save costs and build efficiencies by bringing e-discovery processing and review in-house. The guide can be downloaded at no charge.

On its website, the company says keeping in-house e-discovery costs in check is a constant balancing act. Complex litigation and regulatory matters — along with pressure to streamline operational spending — create an often expensive e-discovery reality.

According to a study from FTI Consulting, the majority of Fortune 1000 corporations now spend $5-10 million annually on e-discovery with 70% of the costs tied directly to document review.

The guide shows how to take charge of e-discovery by leveraging easy-to-use and secure in-house tools that minimize business risk — and maximize budgets.

  • Unlock detailed tips in this guide from Zapproved to get started. It outlines six ways to slash spending and boost efficiencies. Find out how to:
  • Use modern, cloud-based e-discovery software tools to bring routine e-discovery processes in-house.
  • Modernize legacy systems to limit dependence on IT.
  • Empower legal teams to slash expenses, improve data security and speed time to resolution.

The guide also offers step-by-step recommendations and best practices to help:

  • Get insights faster by plugging in data processing tools
  • Save money by reviewing routine, high-velocity matters in-house
  • Improve response to internal investigations and FOIA information requests

Download the guide.



Complete the 2017 Law Department Benchmarking Survey

ConsilioConsilio is conducting an online survey is designed to provide law department leaders insight into comprehensive benchmarking data, legal operations and discovery best practices, and trend reporting.

Survey results provide a foundational resource for assessing law department performance, and justifying spend and staffing levels or initiative investments through peer comparison.

“Corporate law department performance is widely discussed yet infrequently measured with accuracy across industries. Legal spending, department organization, staff workload, outside counsel and vendor management, leadership priorities, client service delivery and technology are several of the areas of performance that we aim to measure, benchmark and use to identify best practices in our 2017 Law Department Benchmarking Survey,” Consilio says on its website.

Participants who complete the survey by June 30, 2017, will receive a $25 coffee gift card.

Participants will receive the survey results report including benchmarking data at the industry and revenue segment level, Consilio reports.

Complete the survey.



Download: “Seeing Opportunity in Reputation Risk”

The National Association of Corporate Directors’ new article, “Seeing Opportunity in Reputation Risk,” explores how effective board oversight of corporate responsibility (CR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, practices, risk management, and crisis preparedness can not only help manage strategic risk, but also result in enhanced reputation.

The article can be downloaded from the NACD site at no charge.

The following is an excerpt from this article by Jeff Hoffman and Andrea Bonime-Blanc, which appears in the March/April issue of NACD Directorship magazine:

“ESG and CR are frequently not on boards’ radar. When they are, there is rarely sufficient time allocated to their discussion. There are reputation risks and value creation opportunities that can be found beyond what is normally discussed at board meetings. Unfortunately, many ESG and CR risks are unknown to the board until an incident happens and it goes public—and possibly viral. The risks around ESG and CR are generally easy to identify, mitigate, and plan around. While being prepared for the worst-case scenario may take time and effort, it will be far less painful than the alternative: negative headlines and conversations on social media.”

Download the article.



Webinar: Automating Contract Management with SharePoint

WebinarOptimus BT will present a free webinar featuring a comprehensive demonstration of eContracts, an Enterprise Legal Contract Management product for SharePoint, featured in Gartner Market Guide 2017 for legal teams.

Automating Contract Management with SharePoint will be Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at 2 p.m. EDT.

The presentation also will cover why it is important to go beyond your legal contract repositories and invest in a Legal Contract Lifecycle Management solution.

Key topics covered will include:

  • Building blocks for automating contract management and legal function within your organization.
  • Possibilities presented by Microsoft Azure and SharePoint for Contracts management in the Cloud for processing large volume of documents, Advanced Search & Workflow.
  • Demonstrate how Optimus BT’s eContracts can help kick start this journey and address the major pain points due to lack of automation of contract lifecycle.
  • Capabilities to look for while automating contract management processes.
  • An example of how an IT and legal teams have benefited from automating their contract lifecycle.

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Download: Unlock Legal Hold How-Tos

Managing a defensible legal hold process is a demanding job, reports Zapproved. A lawyer must know his or her duty to preserve evidence — and issue legal holds quickly, clearly and securely as soon as litigation is reasonably anticipated.

Success requires clear strategy and the right technology to make it possible. For helpful insights,Zapproved has published an updated legal hold how-to guide. It walks through the six steps to a smooth and defensible process.

Implementing these best practices can ensure the legal hold process meets its duty:
– Use legal hold templates to reduce risk
– Uncover critical insights through custodian interviews
– Improve custodian response rates to litigation holds
– Handle terminated employees on legal hold
– Release a litigation hold
– Create a defensible preservation audit trail

Download the free guide.




Download: Bringing E-Discovery to the Cloud

Zapproved has published a free guide called “Get In-House Processing and Review Howtos” that can be downloaded from the company’s website.

The guide’s subtitle is “5 Ways to Slash Spending with Cloud E-Discovery,”

“Keeping in-house e-discovery costs in check is a constant balancing act,” the company says on its website. “Complex litigation and regulatory matters — along with pressure to streamline operational spending — create an often expensive e-discovery reality.”

The guide discusses:

  • Use modern, cloud-based e-discovery software tools to bring routine e-discovery processes in-house.
  • Modernize legacy systems to limit dependence on IT.
  • Empower legal teams to slash expenses, improve data security and speed time to resolution.
The guide also offers step-by-step recommendations and best practices to help you:
  • Get insights faster by plugging in data processing tools
  • Save money by reviewing routine, high-velocity matters in-house
  • Improve response to internal investigations and FOIA information requests

Download the guide.



Webcast: How E-Signatures Can Reduce Risk of Signed Records

eSignLive by Vasco is offering a complimentary on-demand webinar featuring Locke Lord LLP partner Pat Hatfield discussing how e-signatures can reduce risk and strengthen enforceability of signed records.

Organizations undergoing digital transformation often have legal questions related to moving paper-based business processes online without introducing new risks, eSignLive says on its website. “Beyond the minimum requirements for electronic and digital signatures set forth in the laws, you will want to ensure you address the risk of fraud, repudiation and compliance as well. In the event of a regulatory audit or legal dispute, avoiding fines and ensuring admissibility is dependent on your ability to produce convincing, reliable evidence.”

This webinar covers:

  • An overview of e-sign legislation
  • Insights gained from relevant case law
  • The challenges of defending electronic transactions
  • A live demonstration of “best practice” & e-signature audit trails & process evidence

Watch the on-demand webinar.

Download: In-House Counsel’s Legaltech Buyer’s Guide

LawGeex, a provider of an AI contract review platform for businesses, has launched The In-House Counsel’s LegalTech Buyer’s Guide – a free, downloadable guide that showcases more than 100 must-know technology solutions which solve the daily challenges faced by in-house lawyers.

The book includes practical advice based on dozens of interviews, real life experiences and personal recommendations from in-house lawyers and legal experts who have used technology to cut costs and reduce legal inefficiency. Lawyers came from companies including Pearson, AIG, TabTale, Travelocity, Vodafone, NetApp, Del Monte, Axalta Coating Systems, Tongal and Novartis.

The book includes:

  • 60+ page practical and jargon-free reference guide
  • 100+ top technology solutions for legal departments
  • Personal recommendations and stories from dozens of in-house lawyers and legal experts
  • Explanations of an in-house legaltech buying journey, including barriers to adoption, establishing and monitoring KPIs, and more

Download the guide.



June 28 Event: Experts Explore Ways to Control Litigation Costs

Bloomberg BNABig Law Business and Catalyst will present a complimentary event in San Francisco, Successful Legal Department Management: Innovation to Control Litigation Costs and Ensure Compliance to discover how today’s top law firms are pairing innovation with technology to move litigation control in-house and on-budget.

The event will be Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 3:30-5:30 p.m. at the Bloomberg LP office at 3 Pier #101 in San Francisco 94111.

Leading in-house and outside counsel will discuss where they believe legal departments face the most pressure and how to successfully transform the management of litigation.

In addition, this event will explore:

  • The necessity of developing new and innovative approaches for managing departments to keep litigation costs low
  • How to prepare teams, departments and businesses to identify the benefits of technology
  • How to effectively prepare for litigation, from initial investigations to trial

Register for the event.



Forum: Examine the Risks and Rewards for Cross-Border Deals

International businessBloomberg BNA and World Services Group are partnering to deliver business intelligence, drawn from market-leading news and data analysis, tailored for the advisers of international business.

The forum will be at Bloomberg LP’s office at 120 Park Ave., New York 10017, on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. A pre-forum briefing will be 1-3 p.m., and the forum will be 3-5 p.m.

The Cross-Border Deals Forum will explore strategies for handling business and regulatory challenges impacting the industry, including:

• Tax reform, trade agreements, and policy shifts;

• Cross-border risk assessment;

• Expanding privacy and data security requirements; and

• Market and industry opportunities to watch.

Connecting deal-makers with a global group of peers and actionable insights, the Cross-Border Deals Forum covers the market shifts, opportunities and long-term trends executives are watching, and the political and regulatory changes affecting cross-border success.

Request an invitation.



Invitation: Summer Legal Conference, Berlin

BerlinKnowledge Nomads’ Summer Legal Conference in Berlin July 23-29, 2017, will feature sessions on law in the age of hyperconnectivity, legal issues in the sharing economy, and the legal fallout from Volkswagen’s emissions scandal.

The event will be at Berlin’s Radisson Blu Hotel.

The CLE-qualified sessions will feature a diverse group of speakers, including a broad range of nationalities, backgrounds and ages.

Interspersed with the the presentations will be an arts and culture day with a choice of seven tailor-made tours, a trip to the home of Volkswagen, and a closing dinner on top of the German Federal Parliament Bundestag building.

Other side events will include guided tours, dinners, receptions, concerts, a gallery tour and more.

Register or get more information.



Success Factors for Compliance During Office 356 Migration

Computer with binary zeroes and onesZapproved has published a solution brief about how to keep legal preservation during Microsoft Office 365 migration. The free brief can be downloaded from Zapproved’s website.

The duty to preserve does not cease when an organization migrates data systems, Zapproved says on its website. In fact, not only does the duty persist, but it becomes more complex.

Corporate legal teams must collaborate with IT to define a migration plan with processes that defensibly preserve data despite the complexity of a hybrid data world with half in the cloud and half on premise. Since data is not in one place, dual processes are required to ensure compliance is maintained throughout migration.

“In-House Elevated: Close the Gap on Office 365 E-Discovery Success,” by Zapproved Senior Product Manager Sarah Thompson addresses what legal and IT teams will need to consider to safely protect discovery data and manage preservation during and after migrating to Office 365.

Download the publication.



Benchmarking Your Policy & Procedure Management Program in 2017

NAVEX Global will present a complimentary webinar announcing the recent results from its new Ethics and Compliance Policy & Procedure Management Benchmark Report on May 25, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

The report presents some interesting findings around legal actions related to policies – including the pivotal role policies play in the resolution of regulatory actions. In fact, while the average cost per legal action was $53,522, nearly half of survey respondents avoided and/or reduced this cost due to an effective policy management program, NAVEX reports on its website.

This webinar will cover:

  • Essential elements for an effective policy management program
  • If your current practices are protecting your organization or putting it at risk
  • How to reduce cost by using policy & procedure management software

Register and receive a free copy of the report following the webinar.



Just Released: Study of Effective Legal Spend Management

In its new Study of Effective Legal Spend Management, Exterro reveals how more than 50 in-house legal decision makers are leveraging new strategies for reducing legal spend at their organizations.

More than 20 legal spend management techniques are analyzed and compared against one another, giving readers the needed insight for effectively minimizing legal costs within their own legal departments, the company says on its website.

The study provides:

  • Insight on how leading legal departments are managing spend and controlling costs
  • Survey results on frequently asked legal spend questions
  • New strategies for controlling your legal spend at your organization

Download the complimentary report.


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Governance Challenges 2017 – Complimentary Report

National Association of Corporate DirectorsThe National Association of Corporate Directors annually collaborates with its five strategic-content partners to provide guidance for boards of directors on a hot-button governance issue. This year’s topic is ESG, or environmental, social, and governance oversight — an issue that strongly impacts corporate sustainability.

The NACD has made the report available for downloading at no charge.

The report provides ESG guidance in order to help directors:

  • ensure the board and executive team have the right skills for driving ESG performance;
  • connect environmental and social issues to the company’s business mission;
  • communicate the company’s environmental and social efforts to investors, and to stakeholders;
  • understand the financial impact of climate risks and improve related disclosures; and
  • link compensation to financial results and ESG factors.

Download the report.



Kim Technologies Launches Intelligent Legal Operations Platform

Kim Technologies has announced the launch of its Intelligent Legal Operations Platform, which allows in-house teams to automate various law department processes quickly and easily without the need for IT development or coding.

The award-winning Kim platform is already being used by a number of Global 100 companies for activities ranging from contract and in-life management, litigation and employment, to compliance, patents and property. More information can be found here.

Real world examples of how global law departments are using the technology will be demonstrated by in-house leaders at two sessions during the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium in Las Vegas May 9-11.

And the developer will present a complimentary forthcoming webinar at 11.30 ET on May 25: How Kim’s no-code AI platform is transforming legal departments around the globe.

See details of the new platform.



Creating Material Wealth for Business Owners & Labor with ESOPs

Bloomberg BNABloomberg BNA, PKF O’Connor Davies LLP, Prairie Capital Advisors, and Sadis & Goldberg LLP will present an exclusive live event on using employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) to support growth and ownership transition strategies.

The event will be Thursday, June 1, 2017, 3-5:15 p.m., with a reception to follow. The location will be at Bloomberg LP, 120 Park Ave., New York, NY 10017.

On its website, Bloomberg says this program will explore all of the ways in which a business can utilize ESOPs to create favorable conditions for financing, allow for acquisitions, attract top talent, and generate wealth for both owners and employees.

ESOPs are commonly used by an owner seeking to retire, however, in today’s business market of successful start-ups, there’s an opportunity to consider them earlier in the lifecycle of the company. ESOPs, when done properly, may position the company for financing, allow for acquisitions, help attract and retain top talent in a competitive environment, and create wealth for owners and employees.

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Two Ward, Smith Cases Make 2016 Top 100 Verdicts List

Two verdicts won by East Texas law firm Ward, Smith & Hill are among the list of top 100 verdicts from 2016 as compiled by The National Law Journal.

In one of the cases, firm founder Johnny Ward helped VirnetX win a $302 million patent verdict against Apple Inc. After one week of trial, the jury awarded the amount based on Apple’s infringement of four of VirnetX’s internet security patents. The $302 million verdict was the ninth largest verdict overall in the U.S., and fourth largest IP verdict in 2016.

And in the other case, name partner Wes Hill successfully convinced a jury that Apple Inc. willfully infringed on a patent owned by Cellular Communications Equipment resulting in an award of $22 million for past damages. The seven-day trial revealed how Apple knowingly infringed the patent in its iPhones and iPads.

Read about the verdicts.





Using a TRO to Stop Legal Opponents in Their Tracks

Sometimes a temporary restraining order, or TRO, can provide immediate relief from the court system when a party can show irreparable harm will be caused if someone is allowed to remain in control of assets that belong to the company, according to an article posted on the website of Mehendru P.C.

“It may be that a competitor has interfered with a business contract, an employee has stolen your trade secrets or breached a non-compete agreement, or a business partner has stolen from your company.  You have to go to court to protect the company though you’d rather not,” the post reads.

A judge can grant a TRO to stop an individual’s actions even without that person or his lawyer being in court. And a TRO provides immediate relief from the court system when a party can show irreparable harm will be caused if someone is allowed to remain in control of assets that belong to the company.

Read the article.


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3 Cases of Cross-Border Compliance Mishaps

Zapproved has published a free whitepaper revealing e-discovery insights on cases involving Volkswagen, Apple, Samsung and Takata. The paper can be downloaded.

The paper discusses three recent cases involving international brands, failure to meet U.S. compliance regulations yielded high penalties. Missteps like these not only cost billions in fines, they can also erode customer trust and public opinion.

Zapproved says this paper examines what went wrong and glean tips to prevent the same cultural misfires in your organization. The cases involve:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Volkswagen AG
  • Takata

While these cases paint a portrait of what not to do, they also illustrate why building a culture of compliance is so vital, Zapproved says on its website. The paper reveals three key takeaways:

  • First, create and maintain a culture of compliance that champions ethical practices.
  • Second, know the rules that apply to cross-border litigation, particularly discovery, and ensure that all participants understand those multinational rules.
  • Finally, adopt smart, automated and secure e-discovery processes.

Download the white paper.