10th Annual Law Department Operations Survey

The 10th Annual Blickstein Group Law Department Operations Survey, in cooperation with Consilio, is the oldest research specifically covering law department operations. It is designed solely for the professionals who manage complex legal department operations for their companies.

The LDO survey was first created in 2008 to give law departments a consistent platform to benchmark themselves and shed light on the then-emerging profession of law department operations. In addition to being the original of its kind, as the industry has grown exponentially the LDO survey remains the most respected benchmarking tool in the space.

Participants are being sought for the survey. Only survey participants will receive a copy of the proprietary results.

The report will co ver such topics as:

• Compensation
• Legal Service Delivery Models
• Artificial Intelligence
• Technology and Cybersecurity
• Change Management

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Attend the World’s Largest Gathering of In-House Counsel

AQCC annual meetingThe Association of Corporate Counsel will hold its next annual meeting Oct. 15-18 in Washington D.C.

The organization is offering an exclusive $125 discount on the registration fee for readers of General Counsel News who register by August 31. Readers may use the code GCNEWS to receive the discount.

The ACC bills the event, which draws thousands of in-house counsel from around the world, as the world’s largest gathering of in-house counsel.

Organizers have recently added a law department operations boot camp, titled “How to Gain Traction: A Boot Camp for Leaders of Early-Stage Legal Operations Functions.” The bootcamp is designed for corporate legal department leaders only.

The featured speaker will be Don Tapscott, CEO of the Tapscott Group. He is a best-selling author and the world’s leading authority on blockchain and other disruptive technologies.

Here is a schedule of activities.

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Third-Party Risk Management Feedback Needed

Risk managementIndependent marketing research firm Phase5 is conducting a comprehensive study on the current state of third-party risk management and is seeking input.

Confidential responses will be aggregated with other responses, summarized, and published in a comprehensive report.

A spokesman said anyone participating will receive a copy of the final report. That report will show how others manage their third-party risk and due diligence processes and discover techniques for effectively reducing legal risk.

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Download: In-Depth Analysis and Tips for Improving E-Discovery Strategy

Zapproved has published an exclusive report that reveals insights about current and year-over-year changes in legal hold and data preservation processes.

The “2017 Legal Hold & Data Peeservation Benchmark Report” discusses automation maturity levels, allowing users to see how their company measures up.

This complimentary report offers in-depth analysis of:

  • Legal hold automation trends over time
  • Meeting best practices with automation
  • Process satisfaction based on process type
  • Power Preservers’ secrets to success
  • Surprising dip in employee training

Download the guide.



3 Ways to Transition Your Committee Effectively

The National Association of Corporate Directors has published a guide to leading practices for key committee succession planning and new-director onboarding.

The guide is available from the NACD’s website at no charge.

To meet current and future skill requirements effectively, board-succession planning and the board’s director-recruitment and onboarding efforts require a more farsighted approach, one based on a time horizon aligned with the company’s long-term strategy, NACD says.
NACD recently convened Fortune 500 committee chairs in a joint meeting of the Audit Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee Chair Advisory Councils. The discussion highlighted three key points, which all directors—and audit committee and nominating and governance committee chairs in particular—should keep in mind:
1. Purposeful coordination is essential to planning committee-chair rotation or succession.
2. Financial expertise is a necessary ingredient for service on the audit committee, but alone, it is insufficient.
3. Broaden the leadership profile when recruiting an audit committee chair.

Download the resource.




Download: The Definitive Guide to E-Discovery

Exterro has published “The Definitive Guide to E-Discovery” and made the 90-page document available for free downloading.

“E-Discovery is a crazy-quilt of Law, Technology, Project Management, and Business. There is a lot to learn from many different angles, and it can be difficult to find a resource that is truly comprehensive,” Exterro says on its website.

About the guide:

  • 90 pages of in-depth information, spanning every stage of the e-discovery process
  • Each chapter features best practices, technology tips, up to date analysis of case law, and FRCP Rule changes
  • Expert commentary from some of the top thought leaders in the industry

Download the guide.



Download: Guide to Conducting Internal Investigations

Employment - personnel - investigation - magnifyerClutch Group has published a new book, Guide to Conducting Internal Investigations, providing best practices and guidance for those conducting or overseeing investigations, including boards of directors, general counsel and corporate executives in both the U.K. and the U.S.

Totaling 45 pages, parts 1 and 2 are available now for complimentary download.

As more regimes increase their regulatory enforcement efforts around the globe, internal investigations have become “business as usual” for many companies, especially those in highly regulated industries. But there is no regulatory blueprint for what are accepted standards and practices, and this puts companies at a disadvantage with regulators.

Co-authored with Jake McQuitty of TLT Solicitors, it is not a legal text book but a practical guide; shedding light on what a good investigation looks like whilst guiding investigators though the myriad issues that can arise.

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McKool Smith Secures $9.4 Million Verdict for Quincy Jones Against Michael Jackson Estate

McKool Smith has secured a $9.4 million jury verdict on behalf of legendary music producer Quincy Jones against the late music icon Michael Jackson’s production company, MJJ Productions Inc., in a breach of contract and royalty dispute. Jones produced a number of the King of Pop’s most acclaimed albums, including “Off the Wall,” “Thriller,” and “Bad.”

According to a release from the firm, the lawsuit centered on allegations that MJJ Productions Inc., which is controlled by Michael Jackson’s estate, failed to pay Jones royalties for the soundtrack to “This Is It,” a documentary that was released just months after Michael Jackson’s death, and Jackson’s Cirque du Soleil productions, which both feature several musical hits produced by Jones.

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Legal Ops Survey Results: AI, InfoSec, and the Cloud

OpenText Discovery (formerly Recommind) has published a report titled “Corporate Legal Ops Service Results 2017,” which is available for complimentary downloading.

Starting in 2015, OpenText Discovery has commissioned Ari Kaplan Advisors to interview premier corporate legal ops professionals to identify new trends and eDiscovery issues. This report details the latest 2017 findings, such as:

  • AI and Analytics: Is cost still an issue to adopting discovery analytics?
  • ECM & Discovery processes: Are legal ops professionals consolidating their approach?
  • Cloud readiness: Has the cloud reached a tipping point?
  • InfoSec: Have data security concerns increased?

Download the report.



Compliance Training: Effective Enough to Avoid the Headlines?

NAVEX Global has produced a new ethics and compliance benchmark report that provides key statistics to measure and prove the value of educating employees on the right topics.

The report can be downloaded from the company’s website.

Most companies are using compliance training to teach employees about respect, ethical behavior and legal requirements. Yet companies continue to make headlines for bad employee behavior, NAVEX Global says on its website.

In the 2017 Ethics & Compliance Training Benchmark, NAVEX Global collaborated with an independent research firm to deliver data that answers questions like:

  • What are the typical employment law training courses provided?
  • What issues threaten training effectiveness?
  • How are organizations aligning training with risk?
  • How often, and on what topics, are boards training on?

The report also gives guidance on rigorous methods to use such as maximizing data from hotlines, measuring changes to behavior and more.

Download the report.



Case Study – An Inside Look at PayPal’s ELM Implementation

During the 2017 CLOC Annual Legal Operations Institute in Las Vegas, Onit and PayPal presented a session titled, “Next Generation Enterprise Legal Management (ELM): People. Process. Automation.” The speakers were Lauren Giammona, Director of Operations, Business Affairs & Legal at PayPal, and Eric M. Elfman, founder and CEO of Onit.

Lauren outlined her implementation experience and shared her 7 key tips for selecting an enterprise legal management (ELM) vendor. Legaltech News wrote a detailed article summarizing the CLOC session. PayPal and Onit discussed how legal departments can provide “continuous” value to the company, drive operational improvements and allow employees to work in the systems they prefer. The session highlighted:

  • The importance of process, workflow and collaboration
  • How a business automation tool solves needs beyond e-billing and matter management
  • Key benchmarks and metrics that drive innovation and transformation in legal operations

Download the case study.



Is Your Compliance Training Program Working Hard Enough?

ComplianceNavex Global will present a complimentary webinar outlining the state of compliance training in 2017. The event will be Thursday, July 27, 2017, at 10 a.m. Pacific time/1 p.m. Eastern time.

“Employee compliance training is intended to create great culture – yet we are still seeing company after company in the headlines because of bad corporate culture,” Navex says on its website. “So where’s the disconnect?”

The webinar will address such questions as:

• What are advanced organizations doing to break through and help create an ethical culture through training?

• What issues threaten training effectiveness?

• How do I gain executive buy-in and decrease employee cynicism?

• How are companies measuring the ROI of training?

The presentation also will include benchmark data compiled from almost a thousand practitioners’ feedback about their training efforts.

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Assess Your Risk Appetite: Complimentary Report

National Association of Corporate DirectorsThe National Association of Corporate Directors Advisory Council on Risk Oversight met in February 2017 to discuss the board’s role in the development and oversight of risk appetite. NACD offers a complimentary copy of the report.

The discussion – cohosted by NACD, PwC, and Sidley Austin LLP – highlighted a number of takeaways for directors:

  • Align the risk appetite statement with company strategy.
  • Use the risk appetite statement to inform critical processes and decisions.
  • Continually reevaluate the risk appetite statement.

The NACD Advisory Council on Risk Oversight: Board-Management Dialogue on Risk Appetite resource can help boards to take the following steps:

  • Determine which metrics to use in the risk appetite statement.
  • Establish performance targets in incentive plans that promote high performance and limit unhealthy risk-taking.
  • Shape company culture by defining tolerance levels for risk.
  • Improve communication across the company and boost reporting to the board.

Download complimentary copy of the report.



Participation Requested: 2nd Annual Law Firm Benchmarking Report

Exterro is conducting its 2nd Annual Law Firm Benchmarking Survey on law firms’ legal processes, specifically relating to project management practices and e-discovery services.

Participants in the survey will get full and early access to all of the survey results. Non-participants will only be able to see the published and edited version of the report.

Answers will be completely anonymous and will be analyzed in combination with other participants’ responses. This invitation will expire within seven business days.

Exterro will make a $20 donation to one charity of your choice out of American Red Cross, Stand Up to Cancer, Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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Munck Wilson Mandala Adds 7 New IP Attorneys

Munck Wilson MandalaTexas law firm Munck Wilson Mandala has added seven intellectual property lawyers to the firm. The seven formerly were with Howison & Arnott.

“As one of the largest IP practices in the Southwest, Munck Wilson Mandala now has 27 registered patent attorneys, 60 plus attorneys firm-wide, and over 500 years of technical and IP law experience,” the firm says on its website.

The seven include:

  • Gregory M. Howison, partner
  • John J. Arnott, partner
  • Brian D. Walker, partner
  • Andrew C. Graham, senior counsel
  • Edward I. Jorgenson, senior counsel
  • Steven R. Greenfield, senior counsel
  • Keith D. Harden, associate

Read more about the lawyers.




Managing Legal Risks and Cultural Issues in Cross-Border and Whistleblower Investigations

Risk signAltaClaro will present a complimentary webinar focusing on managing legal and cultural risks in cross-border investigations. The event will be Wednesday, July 26, 2017, beginning at noon Eastern time.

Expert panelists Jon Abernethy (Partner, Cohen & Gresser LLP) and Andrew Curtin (Global Head of Investigations, AIG) will join AltaClaro Founder & CEO and former Deputy General Counsel of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Abdi Shayesteh, will be presenters.

In this interactive, live webcast, Abdi will moderate Abernethy’s and Curtin’s discussion of the following topics:

(1) Handling multi-jurisdictional approaches to privileged communications in the aftermath of the recent U.K. decisions in Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Ltd. and The RBS Rights Issue Litigation

(2) Identifying potential cultural challenges and local laws that may impede an effective investigation and prevent a one-size-fits-all approach to designing internal processes and procedures within multinational organizations

(3) Implementing best practices when preparing for and coordinating effective internal investigations across international lines

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Complete the 2017 Law Department Benchmarking Survey

ConsilioConsilio is conducting an online survey is designed to provide law department leaders insight into comprehensive benchmarking data, legal operations and discovery best practices, and trend reporting.

Survey results provide a foundational resource for assessing law department performance, and justifying spend and staffing levels or initiative investments through peer comparison.

“Corporate law department performance is widely discussed yet infrequently measured with accuracy across industries. Legal spending, department organization, staff workload, outside counsel and vendor management, leadership priorities, client service delivery and technology are several of the areas of performance that we aim to measure, benchmark and use to identify best practices in our 2017 Law Department Benchmarking Survey,” Consilio says on its website.

Participants who complete the survey by July 15, 2017, will receive a $25 coffee gift card.

Participants will receive the survey results report including benchmarking data at the industry and revenue segment level, Consilio reports.

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Contract Tools: Live Demo on July 24

Paper Software will demonstrate its Contract Tools product, a powerful Word add-in for working with contracts, in a complimentary live webinar. The event will be Monday, July 24, at 12 p.m. EDT.

Contract Tools, a TechnoLawyer Top 5 product of 2016, is designed to make creating and reviewing contracts easier.

The live demonstration will provide a tour of Contract Tools’ new features, including real-time updating.

Paper Software also offers a free seven-day trial of Contract Tools.

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Download: Insights From the Latest E-Discovery Cases

Zapproved’s  2017 Summer volume offers insights from the latest e-discovery cases — and how courts are applying the FRCP to reach big decisions. The new volume is available for downloading at no charge.

The company says the publication includes summaries detailing e-discovery no-nos — from data compliance missteps to misconduct to total e-discovery breakdown. It also discusses trends in how courts are applying the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) to validate best practices.

The collection covers cases with many high-profile brands, such as Wal-Mart Stores, UPS, Goodyear Tire, Angie’s List and the return of Targate. Other cases put lesser known names in the spotlight, like Fischer v. Forrest, Vir2us, Inc. v. Invincea, Inc. and OOO Brunswick Rail Mgmt. v. Sultanov.

This free volume includes abstracts of e-discovery case law from the last 10 years, plus 11 full summaries of recent 2017 cases. It reveals how the courts are bringing issues of proportionality, cooperation and preservation to the forefront:

Gordon v. T.G.R. Logistics, Inc.
– United States v. HV1 Cat Canyon, Inc.
– Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. v. Haeger
– Williams v. Angie’s List, Inc.
– Bird v. Wells Fargo Bank
– Fischer v. Forrest
– HCC Ins. Holdings, Inc. v. Flowers
– Vir2us, Inc. v. Invincea, Inc.
– Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Cuker Interactive, LLC
– Solo v. United Parcel Serv. Co.
– OOO Brunswick Rail Mgmt. v. Sultanov

Download the 2017 volume.



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Get the In-House Processing & Review How Tos

Zapproved has published a guide that discusses five ways to save costs and build efficiencies by bringing e-discovery processing and review in-house. The guide can be downloaded at no charge.

On its website, the company says keeping in-house e-discovery costs in check is a constant balancing act. Complex litigation and regulatory matters — along with pressure to streamline operational spending — create an often expensive e-discovery reality.

According to a study from FTI Consulting, the majority of Fortune 1000 corporations now spend $5-10 million annually on e-discovery with 70% of the costs tied directly to document review.

The guide shows how to take charge of e-discovery by leveraging easy-to-use and secure in-house tools that minimize business risk — and maximize budgets.

  • Unlock detailed tips in this guide from Zapproved to get started. It outlines six ways to slash spending and boost efficiencies. Find out how to:
  • Use modern, cloud-based e-discovery software tools to bring routine e-discovery processes in-house.
  • Modernize legacy systems to limit dependence on IT.
  • Empower legal teams to slash expenses, improve data security and speed time to resolution.

The guide also offers step-by-step recommendations and best practices to help:

  • Get insights faster by plugging in data processing tools
  • Save money by reviewing routine, high-velocity matters in-house
  • Improve response to internal investigations and FOIA information requests

Download the guide.