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Biglaw Firm Reverses Course on Associate Raises, Now With $190,000 Starting Salary

By on September 28, 2018 in Employment, Law Firm Management

pay-salary-income-statisticsFish & Richardson has “reassessed” its earlier decision not to give raises to associates and now has reversed course and will set starting salaries for associates at $190,000, reports Above the Law.

According to the firm-wide email, the powers that be at Fish ‘continued to monitor market conditions’ and ‘listened to the reactions of associates throughout the Firm’ and whaddaya know, and they’ve ‘reassessed’ their position. Turns out hitting the $190,000 mark for starting associate salaries is good business,” writes editor Kathryn Rubino.

Seventh-year associates can look forward to salaries of $325,000 on the new scale.

Read the Above the Law article.





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