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Biglaw Firm Could Pay $1.4 Million After Malpractice Verdict

A jury in a legal malpractice case has found Alston & Bird 32 percent responsible for a former company manager’s theft from a client, according to a report at Above the Law.

Kathryn Rubino writes, “Their (now former) client, family-held Hatcher Management Holdings LLC, took a loss after former manager, Maury Hatcher, cashed out of the business, allegedly at an inflated price in addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars in self-dealing fees. Hatcher Management Holdings alleged Alston & Bird partners assisted the departed Maury Hatcher from providing company members access to financial records and documents after he left the company.”

The Atlanta jury also awarded up to $1.1 million in fees and expenses, which the law firm could be required to cover in full, according to the report.

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