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AT&T Would Win a Fight With DOJ Over Time Warner Deal, Analyst Says

By on November 10, 2017 in Administrative Law, Commercial, Government

Image by Mike Mozart

AT&T and the Justice Department could be on their way to a major court battle, which one analyst believes the company stands a strong chance of winning, CNBC reports.

AT&T’s wants to acquire Time Warner, but the government wants the company first to sell Turner Broadcasting, which includes CNN, or sell DirecTV. The company has made it clear that it has no intention of selling any of those assets.

“If this does go to court, we think AT&T holds a strong position and would likely prevail,” Paul Gallant, a Washington analyst at Cowen Research, said Thursday in a note to clients.

CNBC reporter Jeff Cox writes that Cowen believes the  company has three advantages that would give it an edge in its fight with the DOJ.

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