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Apple’s iPhone Slowdowns Have Customers Hurrying to Court

By on December 27, 2017 in Computers & Technology, Litigation-Business

TextingBloomberg Law reports that IPhone users have begun racing to courthouses, infuriated by an Apple Inc. software update that slowed down the operation of their smartphones.

Plaintiffs complain about the deterioration of their phones’ performance.

A group of plaintiffs in a suit filed in Chicago federal court claims the software updates that slow down iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and some iPhone 7s were were intended to push customers to buy newer iPhones, some of which sell for more than $1,000, writes Joe Schneider.

Apple acknowledged that the update slows down iPhones with dying batteries.

The Bloomberg report says: “The fix was supposed to help people get more out of their aging batteries, and ‘reduce occurrences of unexpected shutdowns,’ according to the company.”

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