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A Tax Overhaul Would Be Great in Theory, But Hard in Practice

Taxes - IRS - Internal Revenue ServiceSome of the  potential benefits of the U.S. House would give companies more incentive to keep jobs in the United States and less to overextend themselves on borrowed money, points out The New York Times.

And there could be big vast savings by reducing what companies spend on tax lawyers, who help them game the current system, writes Neil Irwin.

“Yet these changes could also set off a cascade of more harmful effects. The plan could shift trillions of dollars of wealth from Americans to foreigners; set off an emerging markets financial crisis; wreak havoc in global oil markets; and cause sustained harm to the American higher education and tourism industries (including, as it happens, luxury hotels with President Trump’s name on them),” Irwin writes.

He goes on to discuss effects on the value of the U.S. dollar by the proposed destination-based cash flow tax and its “border adjustment.”

Read the NYT article.


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